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One things for certain and two things for sure, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, ratings tanked and stanked last year.  Not long after the season ended word on the street was that the whole cast was going to be scrapped and replaced with new peach holders.  As of date Bravo was slow to tell the RHOA cast what the plan was but more importantly show them the contract.  So Kandi Burrus stood on the Grammy red carpet saying they took too long so she is going to roll on standing on her own business that doesn’t include RHOA.  Andy Cohen spoke out right away praising and thanking Kandi for what she has done for the Housewives franchise.

That was big of Andy, right?  Or maybe the king of the Housewives franchise might have been holding out, hoping that the ladies would fire themselves.  What better way to reboot, than to have cast boot themselves?

With Kandi out Phaedra Parks just maybe in.

Phaedra Parks sat down with GQ for an exclusive interview about a current show she’s on, when the interviewer asked Ms. Parks about the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ lil reboot.

“That’s the discussion that’s on the table right now. Obviously what has to happen is something to rejuvenate the cast.  We saw with New York, people are loving that. And we’ve seen it with Miami going on haitus and coming back. I think Atlanta has the chance to rebuild the stellar reputation it had when I was a part of it.

Because it was the Titanic and it sunk. Pull them back up. Never say never. There’s been some discussions about me returning. We’ll see.”

Kandi and Phaedra during the show’s ninth season had a major falling out when it was revealed that Phaedra had instigated a rumor suggesting that Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, harbored intentions of drugging Porsha and taking advantage of her sexually.  Kandi Burruss behind that hellacious said she would never speak to Phaedra Parks again.

The most iteresting part of this is Phaedra had called RHOA a sinking ship, could it being that Andy Cohen will acquire Phaedra to keep RHOA afloat?  Especially since Andy Cohen knew Kandi would never play friends with Phaedra for cameras.

Kenya Moore is keeping her peach status a secret and word on the street is that Porsha may be returning to snatch her peach back.

You got to admit with Kenya Moore, Porsha and Phaedra returning to RHOA the drama and fights will be on 100.

What are your thoughts about the Queen of shade returning?

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