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George Floyd Mural

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Social media and negative marketing has taken over.  Blurring the lines of what is going too far or just a good marketing ploy.

Comedian David Lucas Funny told a George Floyd joke that the audience didn’t think was funny and that he went too far, so they walked out.

While performing at a Funny Bone Comedy Club some days ago, David Lucas was on stage and said,

“And you want to show them the reason why George Floyd got his neck kneeled on.”  “Don’t ‘Ooh’ at that joke. It’s just a joke, man. I would’ve never kneeled on George Floyd’s neck. I would’ve shot him.” 

The black audience members of the mixed crowd began to rise and fly like they just ran a Boston in Bid Whist.

Warning the video below is very graphic in nature.

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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