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Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns

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After another wild night in basketball, many are wondering what player actually has the most ejections in NBA history.

Do you have any guesses!?

The league has had its fair share of bad boys over the years, and we’re not just talking about the Detroit Pistons of the 80s.

Draymond Green was tossed from last night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns after landing a swinging backhand to the face of Jusuf Nurkic. This is Green’s third ejection this season alone, and some believe he could finally be due for a lengthy suspension.

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But would you have guessed that Draymond, as wild and as frantic as he’s been throughout his NBA career, is still 10 ejections away from the league’s leader in that unfavorable statistic? Probably not.

For the record, Draymond wasn’t the only high-profile player who was booted from an NBA game last night. NBA champion and two-time league MVP Nikola Jokic was assessed a one-technical ejection in the Denver Nuggets road game at the Chicago Bulls. The elite center directed profanity at an official and was quickly tossed, much to the dismay of the largely Serbian crowd on hand who was there to watch Joker play. Long story short, Joker called the ref a name that the ref didn’t like being called… then, boom. Jokic was headed to the locker room.

However, let’s get back to today’s topic. Who has the most ejections in NBA history? Keep scrolling to find out – you may be surprised with who made the list!

1. Reggie Miller – 12 Ejections

BKN-PACERS-SUNS-03 Source:Getty

Long before Reggie Miller was calling games on TNT he was a sharp-shooting assassin for the Indiana Pacers. In between knocking down threes, however, Reggie liked to run his mouth, which in part led to his 12 ejections over an 18-season career. 

2. Dennis Rodman – 12 Ejections


The elite Chicago Bulls of the ’90s didn’t really get rolling until they added rebounding extraordinaire Dennis Rodman. In between wild party nights and winning championships, Rodman managed to accumulate 12 NBA ejections. 

3. Kenyon Martin – 12 Ejections


Kenyon Martin, also known as K Mart, began his career with the New Jersey Nets in 2000 and played for a handful of teams – including one overseas – throughout his basketball career. He also racked up a major 12 ejections throughout his NBA tenure. 

4. Matt Barnes – 13 Ejections

DJ Khaled's We The Best Golf Tournament - VIP Reception Source:Getty

Matt Barnes played in the league for 16 years for a wide variety of franchises, including the Lakers, Clippers, Suns, and Magic… just to name a few. Over that period he managed to accumulate 13 ejections. No wonder he was ready to throw hands with Derek Fisher!

5. DeMarcus Cousins – 14 Ejections

Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Lakers Source:Getty

DeMarcus Cousins is another guy who played for a bunch of different teams during his NBA career, but he’s also one of the best rebounding big men the NBA has ever seen. Regardless of his ability to find the ball, he was also able to find some fights, as Cousins was booted from 14 different NBA games.

6. Shaquille O’Neal – 14 Ejections


Shaq isn’t just one of the most recognizable people in the NBA, he’s one of the most recognizable and beloved people in the world. Yes, the world. That wasn’t a typo. Regardless of that, Big Diesel was a pest to referees sometimes, thus his 14 career ejections. But unlike everyone else on this list at least Shaq has 4 championship rings to show for his antics.

7. Charles Barkely – 16 Ejections

NBA Hall of Fame Induction Weekend Source:Getty

Is it fate or simple luck that Shaq is right next to his TNT brother Charles Barkley in terms of the total number of NBA ejections? I’m not sure, but one thing I do know is that line about ‘ejections and championships’ that I used in the description of Shaq’s bit cannot be used for Chuck. That said, he’s still a Hall Of Famer, and he’s still too big for me to get into a confrontation with. So, we’ll just move on…

8. Anthony Mason – 16 Ejections

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets Source:Getty

Rest in peace to Anthony Mason. In 13 NBA years, Mason accumulated 16 total ejections.

9. Dwight Howard – 17 Ejections

Houston Chronicle Source:Getty

Dwight Howard enjoyed a long career and even had a trip to the NBA Finals. While his personal life has made news recently, he’ll always carry the fact that he has the third most ejections in NBA history, with a total of 17.

10. Draymond Green – 19 Ejections

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns Source:Getty

Fans are getting a bit tired of the Draymond Green antics. He’s now got 19 ejections, and to be honest it’s starting to look like he’s tired of the NBA… and is getting ready for his next career… as a professional wrestler.

11. Rasheed Wallace – 29 Ejections

(052808 Boston, MA ) Detroit Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace reacted to a foul call in the 2nd half as the Boston Celtics beat the Detroit Pistons 106-102 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals at TD Banknorth Garden on Wednesday, May 28, 2008. Source:Getty

And last but certainly not least, Rasheed Wallace was not only a menace to opposing defenders, but also a menace to all referees. He managed to total nearly 30 ejections, but hey, he did earn a hard-fought championship along the way.