2020 Elections

Donald Trump wanted his people to show up and show out on election day despite the pandemic, and that’s what they did, however what he didn’t count on is Joe Biden encouraging others to drop their ballots in the mail and they did in record numbers.  Now in the state of Pennsylvania where on Tuesday […]

If this was you GO BACK to your polling place!! This is why knowing your rights when it comes to voting and going to the polls.  You can not wear Joe Biden, Donald Trump or any other person on the ballot for elections gear, however you can wear, black, women and all lives matter clothing […]

It’s Election Day and Ohio is showing up and showing out with early votes however if you haven’t voted already your vote is still important as a matter of fact it is crucial. The road to The White House does go through Ohio. In Ohio, 3.4 million voters cast their ballots before Election Day, a […]

The pandemic has caused a lot of shifts in sports.  Today it was announced that some public schools fall sports are being put on a shelf following the lead of the BIG10 who cancelled their 2020 football season, the NBA 20-21 season will start December 1st, so while the fans patiently for the pandemic to […]