Shame on him!!  Lady’s can you believe this, the man that made you all melt when he belted out ‘Be my sweettttt lady….’ ♫, then had Taraji P Henson looking like Miss Celie from The Color Purple 5.0 in ‘Baby Boy’ as Jody, singer/actor, Tyrese, didn’t feel the same way about himself as you ladies […]

Sad news is being reported for ‘Twilight’ fans, star of the show who played the role of Crowley, 30 year old Gregory Tyree Boyce  and his 27 year old girlfriend Natalie Adepoju were found dead in their condo in Las Vegas. “Greg’s cousin woke up and noticed that Greg’s car was still at the house. He was […]

Comedians are a gift from Heaven that allow us to laugh at our pain as well as our reality.  So when Chicago native, comedian/actor Aries Spears star of the 90’s comedy show, MADtv, showed up on the scene that’s exactly what he did, made us laugh at reality. Comedian Aries Spears sat down live in studio with […]

Today we are heart broken but we are going to laugh through our tears as we have lost a great friend of The Sam Sylk Show, comedian/actor John Witherspoon. John Witherspoon was reported to have died in his Los Angeles home, the news broke to us very early this morning, no cause of death has […]

Prayers are in order as it is being reported that with heavy hearts that friend of The Sam Sylk Show, Comedian/Actor John Witherspoon has passed away at the age of 77. The news of the Detroit, MI native John Witherspoon’s death broke via his social media pages early this morning.  John Witherspoon is best known […]

We the people in order to form a more perfect union established that the road to the new Hollywood, Atlanta, goes through Cleveland, OH, as we are ecstatic to report that Just A Kid from Cleveland, Davis Aguila, has been taped to land an acting role, staring as Secret Service Agent Williams,  in Tyler Perry’s new […]

Congratulations are in order!!  Ava DuVernay awakened the world with her masterfully done NETFLIX docu-series ‘When They See Us’, the story of 5 young men that were wrongfully convicted for the brutal rape of a Central Park jogger.  The media painted them the Central Park Five but God made them The Exonerated Five.  And for a […]

This story is a Cleveland, OHIO, Sam Sylk Show exclusive!! Comedian Earthquake has some major fraudulent baby mama drama going down in The Land, so he came to his home boi, Sam Sylk, host of the Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK to spill his own tea about the woman to woman conversation he had […]

The multifaceted comedian, actor, executive producer, CP, stopped by The Sam Sylk Show, to give Sam Sylk the 411 about life after season one of FOX Empire, having actor Malik Yoba as a mentor and wanting to follow in Eddie Murphy’s foot steps, but not just for comedy.  He also shared which shocking episode of Empire […]

Actor/Comedian Faizon aka Big Worm from the movie ‘FRIDAY’, stopped by The Sam Sylk Show to chop it up about the bafoolery thats going on around social media today before making his way to the Cleveland Improv to perform for Easter Weekend. Plus Sam asked the burning question that everyone wanted to know…’Yo Faizon are […]

The world has grown up with the actor Carl Payne as Cockroach on The Cosby Show and Cole on MARTIN.  The Howard University has also directed numerous music video and short films, now he has added stand up comedy to his resume.  So while Coley Cole was in Cleveland, a city that is like home […]