One would think that if you were able to walk away from killing two people and injuring another without any punishment nor reparations, you would thank God, go sit down somewhere  and stay out the limelight.  But for Kyle Rittenhouse it appears he has zero remorse for what he did, because only the entitled would go from […]

Most people would have took the ‘W'(that they didn’t deserve) and went somewhere and faded into the backlight, but no not Kyle Rittenhouse.  Now it seems that somebody hurt the little boo boo, Kyle Rittenhouse feeling’s and him mad and speaking out now.  It’s funny how Kyle Rittenhouse got away with killing two people and […]

12 year old Tamir Rice of Cleveland, Ohio lost his life, shot and killed at the hands of a police officer, because Tamir Rice was doing what children do and that’s play with toys. In the case the toy Tamir Rice was playing with was a toy gun. Although the officer that killed Tamir Rice was let […]

An armed with a AR-style semi-automatic weapon 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse hitched a ride from his mommy who drove him across state lines to a Black Live Matter protest in Kenosha where he proceeded to shoot 3 people killing 2 of them.  Most mothers drive their teenage children to the movies or a friends […]