Several people were taken to the hospital Thursday afternoon after a freak accident shows a vehicle driving through a Lakewood restaurant.


So exactly how much is 80,000 pennies? Enough for one very petty father to make the news.

East Cleveland native actor/comedian John Henton who is known for his roles as Overton on ‘Living Single’ , Milsap on The Hughleys as well as roles on The Parkers and many other hit TV shows, found his way while in town to perform at The Cleveland Improv, to come in and chat it up with […]

This is the first televised interview with Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson.   As many around the country continue to voice their collective outrage surrounding the arrest of two black men while waiting inside a local Philadelphia Starbucks, the men have yet to speak directly to the media. That all changed when that sat for […]

This was beyond painful to watch.   The murder of 23-year-old Stephon Clark by Sacramento police is still fresh in the hearts and minds of his family, friends and those throughout the country who sympathize with another young, black life lost. Understandably, the grief is still extremely raw for his brother, StevonteClark, whose tense interview with Don Lemon Wednesday was […]

Sarah Huckabee Breezes Over Police Violence Against Black Lives   When Sarah SUCKabee Sanders, White House press secretary was asked about the shooting deaths of unarmed black men such as Stephon Clark who have sparked national outrage over police brutality, and she dodged the issue calling them, “local matters”.  The lack of interest from the White House […]

He knows exactly why they cut the audio feed, he’s just attempting to protect his officers.   As the heartbreaking details continue surrounding unarmed 23-year-old Stephon Clark’s death at the hands of local police, the Sacramento Police Chief has come forward to address the questions regarding why officers turned off the audio on their body cameras during […]

Clark’s grandmother couldn’t hold back her grief and tears during the press conference.   As the freshness of 23-year-old Stephon Clark’s death still remains at the forefront of our consciousness, with many around the country protesting this latest bout of social injustice and police brutality, his family held a press conference earlier this week to […]

The fact that she is back at work like nothing ever happened, is just…   Like the many men before him, the death of Terence Crutcher at the hands of a police officer appears to mean nothing, as the cop who killed him is officially back to work like nothing ever happened. Betty Shelby, the […]

Nice to see celebrities using their platform to give back to those in need.   Celebrities often make headlines for what projects they’re working on, what’s going on in their love lives and what they’re wearing on the red carpet, so it’s nice when they’re in the news for doing something to help others—and Will […]

The suspect was arrested early Tuesday in North Carolina.   The disturbing trend of violent crimes committed and recorded while on social media continues, as a man was recently shot and killed while he was live-streaming on Facebook Live. According to the New York Daily News, Prentis Robinson from North Carolina was murdered in broad daylight […]