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R. Kelly really showed out at the WZAK 30th Anniversary concert this week. He kicked off the performance by singing “Happy People,” with bright lights, explosions, and getting everyone on their feet with no fail. Karen Vaughn instantly got into 2 step dance mode! Everyone on their toes, dancing and singing every word with Kells. It was like a big family gathering in Cleveland! He continued to sing more of his feel good songs after that, and songs from his new CD… ‘Love Letter,’ from ‘Radio Message,’ ‘Number One Hit,’ and more…

The concert took a switch after his singing of “Number One Hit”, proceeded by the more provocative R. Kelly songs… The ones we have all grew to know and love throughout his 20+ year career. With the stage backdrop changing to the cover of his very first album “12 Play”, he sings “You Remind Me of Something,” and “Your Body’s Calling”. These Cleveland women really love them some Kells because as soon as he started they couldn’t be tamed from filling the isles to get closer to the front stage to grab him.

The party continued as R. Kelly played call and response with the crowd, as the crowd happily sung along with every lyric. Especially with the highly anticipated singing of “Bump N’ Grind”.

The most touching part of the concert was the love letter written to R. Kelly from his mother during mid show. It scrolled across the big screens as she talked about how the artist at an young age always wanted to touch the world with his music. She continued to talk about how she was so proud of her son as he continues to conquer his dream. She thanked and asked all his fans to get out of their seats and enjoy the music that R. Kelly has written to entertain us. She signed the message from Heaven.

R. Kelly ended the concert with a big version of his first single from Love Letter, “When A Woman Loves”, followed by a ’Happy People’ as compilation video of the his different fashion styles through out the years and bloopers of him in the studio, behind the scenes. Confetti, flashing lights and explosions gave the show the big bang it never needed as the crowd wanted more. This was truly an amazing show to see! Check out the video of Kells performance and throwbacks.

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Click here for more on the WZAK 30th Anniversary celebration!

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