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Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy put his foot in his mouth over the weekend when in an interview he said he wants his future wife and kids to have “good hair!”

In an E! News interview with Guiliana Rancic, the two had been talking about Mustafah’s new TV show, “Charlie’s Angels”, when the conversation turned to his personal life and what he’s looking for in a relationship. Mustafah said whoever he ends up with has to have “good hair:”

“Yes, it does have to be real hair. I want my kids to have nice hair so she better have good hair. Cause, I don’t know if you’ve checked my hair out lately. Aside from today it’s normally nice. Today it’s slightly nappy,” Mustafa said.

He later took to his twitter page to apologize for his comments:

I want 2 apologize wholeheartedly 2 anyone out there who was offended or hurt by the irresponsible comments I made on E! News. #ignorant

Why are you apologizing? If this is how you feel, stand your ground! But we can guarantee, he’s going to say he was just joking like most folks do when they know they made an ignorant statement!

Mustafa later explained in an interview with blogger Abiola Abrams that he was being self deprecating about his own hair, which he’s trying to grow out after years of being having a crew cut so short he’s almost bald.


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