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The 10 Most Ridiculous Ways to Get Dumped

By The_Stir

Breakups happen. And most of the time, when you get dumped, it sucks a lot, for a long darn time. I’ve spent months wallowing after a breakup, unsure if anyone ever will love me ever again.

But there are ways to be dumped that aren’t so bad — you both walk away as friends or pretending to be friends for the time being. Then, there are the other ways. The WORST ways to get dumped.

Here’s a list of the worst ways you can get dumped.

1) Sending a text message: “I won’t be meeting you for dinner tonight — or ever.”

2) Having his mom call you and tell you, “Tyler won’t be dating you anymore.”

3) By training your parrot to say, “you’re a selfish bitch,” over and over again.

4) Leaving a Post-It note under your wiper blades on the windshield of your car that says, “We’re over. PS. You’re bad in bed.”

5) By changing his Facebook relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single.”

6) Wrapping up a note that says, “I don’t see us working out” and hiding it in a robin’s egg blue Tiffany & Co ring box.

7) Tapping his wine glass, then making the announcement, “Hi all, thanks for inviting me to your lovely party. I’m not going to be seeing you again after this, as I am breaking up with your daughter right now,” to your entire family during your Christmas celebration.

8) Via phone call from his NEW girlfriend.

9) Directly before a family party he was supposed to attend with you. So you show up to your Aunt Ruth’s 50th birthday party all weepy and depressed, having to answer questions about where “that nice young man” is.

10) Through a mutual friend.

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