Oprah & Usher had their much awaited sit down for “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” And it aired last night. Get the full episode and the highlights!

While chillin’ at Usher’s crib (which he bought from L.A. Reid and is the same house in which he was introduced to Reid at age 16), Oprah dug in about the burning custody, divorce & cheating questions we all have. And a few she needed for her own thoughts apparently. Like whether he makes love to his own music.

He talked around most of the questions and eventually admitted some things. And seems to have his own version of the truth. Here are the highlights:

On the demise of Usher and Tameka’s relationship

Usher says there were a ton of people against their marriage from the start. But there were also a ton of people FOR their marriage, he claims. They tried counseling, charging their friends with helping them stay together, he publicly defended her on that now infamous “TRL” episode, etc. But none of it worked and mostly due to the pressures of being a Hollywood couple–neither were ready for everything that came with it.

On firing his mother, Jonetta, as his manager

Interestingly, Usher tried to sugarcoat the firing saying he understood why the public would see it as him firing his mother due to her not attending the wedding because of the timing, bu he claims that was not the case. He said he simply wanted her to move into the role as Grandmother instead. The two have had a rocky relationship since Tameka came into the picture and Jonetta being over-protective, but they are still working things out.

On whether Usher was faithful to ex-wife Tameka Raymond

After a long explanation, he finally said No. Usher said he confided in other women emotionally about his ups and downs, but while he and Tameka were separated, he indeed had intimate relationships with others. He said he was “lost” during this time.

On the rumors of him sexing Tameka’s bridesmaid

He admitted this was true–in so many words. He explained he and the bridesmaid were friends for a long time and she had been in his sons life since the beginning. He claims it occurred “after the marriage” (which his definition of this seems to be the separation).

On the judge’s ruling to award full custody of sons Naviyd & Usher V to Usher

Usher says he respects what the judge’s decision is. The reason he and Tameka needed to go to a custody trial in the first place is because they could not work out the terms on their own. So he believes the judge saw his dedication as a father and believed he would be better as the full time parent.

On adjusting his life due to primary custody decision

Usher says he has always made his sons his first priority since the day they were born. He’s just “Daddy” to them and even though he didn’t have his own father in his life growing up, he knew he had to be the best father possible. So now, he adjusts his touring and studio schedule to be home more and take the boys to school. As for the help he has: He has a nanny, his mother, his grandmother and his aunt.

Jonetta on raising Usher as a single mom

Usher’s father was a drug addict. Once Jonetta got remarried, she left Usher’s stepfather because he wanted her to chose between him or Usher–she chose Usher.

Jonetta on the Tameka debacle

Jonetta said she has been sad for 8 years, mainly because of the “marriage thing.” She said she’s not the type of mother who believes “no one is too good for her son.” but Usher chimed in and challenged that in a playful way. Jonetta says she doesn’t regret NOT being at the wedding. But she never told Usher ‘I told you so” after the marriage fell apart. Jonetta said Usher told later “he should have listened ” and owned it.

Jonetta on being fired by Usher

Jonetta said that, at first, she didn’t understand why he wanted to let her go as a manager, especially because their relationship was “perfect” in her eyes. But now, she lives 5 minutes away from him in Atlanta, and is a “daily presence” in his house.

Usher on Kile Glover’s death and funeral rumors

When Kile’s accident happened, Tameka called Usher to tell him. So Usher called Ryan Glover (Kyle’s father) out of respect to verify the story, and said he could fly back Tameka back to Atlanta to be by Kile’s bedside. Usher said it completely hurt him to hear people saying he was not at Kile’s funeral. He was both at the funeral and at the burial. And he did visit him in the hospital.

Usher’s breakdown January 2011 on stage in Berlin

Due to the death of his father (after just reconnecting with him about a year before), the breakdown of his marriage with Tameka., him not being able to see his sons before embarking on a 2-month tour—everything just got to him. So he lied about having a sinus infection as the reason to why he left the stage. He said he was hurt by the drug rumors, but he still never denied them.

Watch the video in full below:

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