Oh boy!  Don Lemon didn’t just step in it he forgot to clean it off his shoe and got it all over the house! On his CNN Broadcast yesterday Don addressed the conversation of race. We can’t even think of a way to introduce what he said other than to say it’s something you really must see for yourself! Take a look below!

Black Twitter ate his proverbial lunch today after what he said! The tweets came fast and furious with the hashtag #DonLemonLogic .

Said Don Lemon on his own Twitter Page about what was being said in response to his CNN segment,

Dear Don when you are trending on Black Twitter and have dug yourself into a hole with no positive comments in sight, do yourself a favor stop digging. You said things that were offensive to African Americans. If you meant what you said and you really don’t care about their feelings then cool. Keep it pushing and don’t say anything else about it. But if you are going to speak so harshly toward the community and think you are going to get to do it without any response from the black community at all then you are simply not being realistic. You can’t defend your comments and expect them not to defend themselves the exact same way. It’s simply not reasonable.

But Good Luck with that!

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