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*Corey Clark just won’t go away.

Just when you think you’ve broken away from the former “American Idol” contestant’s beef with the hit show, he decides to sue “AI” for $250 million.

Clark is suing “Idol” for allegedly not being forthcoming with information about a prior arrest. In an interview with Rumor Fix, Clark set the record straight on what really led to his exit from “Idol.”

According to the singer, he has the documentation that Fox used to disqualify him…a background check dated two days after being kicked off “American Idol.

Despite the information from Fox, Clark added that he has another background check from the “Idol” that was dated three months before he was arrested which shows his arrest for resisting arrest and battery in Kansas.

Corey mentioned that “Idol” was aware of his arrest long before he made it to the Top Ten. “That means American Idol lied,” Clark, told Rumor Fix while adding that he’d verbally disclosed the incident to producers.

The vocalist’s claims are bolstered by his use of California labor laws, which state that an employer can’t ask an applicant about arrests that didn’t lead to a conviction. As a result, they can’t fire someone for it.

Clark continued to go in on “Idol” as he revealed how things change for contestants upon making it to the top 10.

“Once you make the Top 10, they make you an employee,” he said about Fox. “It was at that time when they had hired me that they decided to use that illegally obtained information to fire me as an employee, three months after they already knew about the arrest.”

Clark’s claims were raised to another level as he played the race card and accused “Idol” producers of racial discrimination and commented on how his disqualification from the competition ruined his life.

Regarding the discrimination claims, Clark stated that all 16 contestants who have been disqualified for misdemeanor arrests are African-American.

“They have never disqualified a white contestant openly,” he said. “If they have it was quietly … it was done behind closed doors,” he explained before giving his thoughts on African-American contestants who have won “Idol.” “We’re not talking about affirmative action…What we’re talking about is the fact that they hired black people and then only fired black people for criminal arrest information. Never anybody else.”

To hear him tell it, life after “Idol” isn’t filled with a new lease on life. In fact, the singer detailed suicide attempts coupled with days of being homeless.

“I’ve had some really bad moments. The whole purpose of me even talking about anything was because I was being blacklisted and being oppressed behind the scenes and people weren’t looking at it. That really depressed me. I attempted suicide back in 2006 and they had to revive me,” confessed Clark, who admitted to using food stamps to get by. “People might say ‘You’re a bum,’ but when you have kids to feed you have to do what you have to do. I work regular jobs, I do my music, take care of my kids. I was not that type of person before. I was very outgoing, very happy, and very confident in my skill as a musician. I come from a family of musicians that’s what we do.”


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