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*With a loving fiancée (Jennifer Hudson), a four-year-old son and the chance to do what he loves, life is going well for David Otunga.

So much so that the lawyer turned athlete opened up to TheYBF about navigating the WWE as a black pro wrestler.

Tell us about WWE’s Black History Month initiative and what it’s like being one of the few African Americans in such a high-profile international sport?

The WWE is doing a great job with the video packages they post every week highlight African American superstars who’ve made a huge impact on the world of wrestling. There’s Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson, Ron Simmons, and so many more.

It feels really good to be one of the WWE’s African American superstars and to know there are little kids looking up to me. So it’s very cool to represent for everybody.

Is there a sense of rivalry or camaraderie among you and the other African Americans in the WWE? We’ve seen how The Funkadactyls and others interact on the E! show “Total Divas”.

I think everyone gets along really great because we’re on the road together…we’re like a family. There’s a shared bond…we’re really close. We didn’t know each other before…but there’s that bond there.

How do you view your cultural impact?

I try to use the platform to show everything that I can do. Not just to show that I’m a wrestler, but also that I’m a lawyer too. I graduated from Harvard Law School and I do a lot of different things in that area. Also, I do a lot of the WWE charity events and I give talks about bullying. I tell kids that you can achieve anything, no matter who you are or where you came from. I really stress that to the African American kids. I’ve achieved everything I wanted. I set a goal and I achieve it.

For more of David Otunga’s interview with the YBF, where he details the moment he fell in love with fiancée Jennifer Hudson, click here.

To see Otunga do damage in the WWE, click on the video below:


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