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1. Not Planning A Date

“No one seems to want to make an actual date anymore. Repeatedly texting me to meet up last minute (and then not responding when I suggest making a plan at least 4 hours in advance) is not enticing.” -Alexis, 33

“When he will text you for days (sometimes even weeks) over the dating site or app, but will not even ask for your phone number or ask you out, it’s a deal breaker. I’m not looking for a penpal.” -Ravid, 32

2. Too Many Selfies

“The number of selfies, particularly shirtless, at the gym and in a bathroom mirror. I have a hard time taking an adult seriously who has six pictures up and at least three of them are selfies. I just wonder at your maturity level, and how much time you spend worrying about external things versus what really matters.” -Tranette, 28