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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is so damn ridiculous, it’s becoming hard to watch. Who are we kidding? We can’t turn away! Lol.

Last night’s show opened with Stevie J and Nikko exchanging idle threats between stutter steps. After a soft tussle that involved Stevie tugging on Nikko’s sweater, the boys were pulled apart by the production crew. Clearly neither one of them actually wanted to fight.

The Puerto Rican princess made her highly anticipated return and she strutted around the Jordan residence in sexy lingerie. It was only appropriate since she was gone so long. During an intimate conversation, as she straddled Stevie, Joseline finally revealed why she was missing in action so long — she was getting her mind right after seeing herself act like an “animal” on the LHHATL reunion. She also let the cat out of the bag when she said “everybody knows Stevie J gets high” and “we have the same problem.” No? Really.

Rasheeda finally got to meet Kirk’s artist Ashley Nicole and treated her like any suspecting wife would, like a THOT who’s trying to push up on her husband. Ashley tried to “kill her with kindness” and sucked up by telling Rasheeda how much she loved her single “Bubblegum,” which was ab-so-lu-tely a lie…no one liked that song. Ashley unknowingly dropped a bomb on Rasheeda when she revealed she had visited Kirk at his Buckhead office. Cue Karlie Redd. Rasheeda and Karlie snooped around Kirk’s man room until they found a lease for his office that turned out to be a secret apartment. Rasheeda popped up on his ass like:

Kadijah took Yung Joc on a shopping spree for racoon furs and demanded to know if they were exclusive. Joc reassured Miss Piggy that they were and then went on to whisper sweet nothings in his most recent baby’s mother ear in the next scene. Because, ya know, that’s the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta way.

Momma Dee and her ex-husband Ernest, who bears a striking resemblance to a poor man’s Charlie Murphy, met up at the strip club to rekindle their romance. We would tell you what they said, but we were blinded my Momma Dee’s hideous white ensemble that was scraight off the New Jack City cutting room floor. Apparently, homeboy stole from Scrappy and she called the cops on him. Too bad Ernest had “drug paraphernalia” on him and was sentenced to 7 years. Momma Dee’s words, not ours.

Stevie had to tell Joseline, Mimi and his youngest daughter Eva, he had to go away for a while. After failing numerous drug tests, a judge ordered him to rehab for 30 days.

The episode ended with Stevie breaking the news to Eva — a tear-jerking moment for even a LHHATL hater.

This episode was pretty jam-packed, but we really can’t wait for next week’s episode when Yung joc’s storyline gets even crazier and Karlie Redd gets into it with Rasheeda.

What did you think about last night’s episode?


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