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WWE Legend Hulk Hogan is about to receive his fattest check ever.

The wrestler has been entangled in a nasty legal battle with Gawker. In 2012, the news site leaked a sex tape starring Hulk and his best friend’s then-wife Heather Cole. Hulk claims the tape was not only the ultimate invasion of his privacy…he wasn’t aware that the bump and grind was being recorded.

With Gawker leaning on the First Amendment (freedom of speech) and Hogan clinging to the Fourteenth Amendment (protection of privacy) it was pretty much a toss up of who would tip the scales. A Florida Jury ultimately decided that Gawker was in the wrong for leaking a sex tape that was unknowingly recorded by the subject and ruled in Hulk’s favor. Not only that – they tacked on an additional $15 million to his $100 million claim for emotional damages.

That’s a whole lot of durags…

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty


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