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The social media world is angry and they want names and answers as to why a woman was severely attacked by gas station attendants at a Exxon gas station on the Northside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Why wasn’t these men arrested?

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Here is what is what is known, a woman was getting gas at an Exxon gas station when the pump malfunctioned. The woman allegedly went inside to make sure she received a refund when she can be seen on a video that has since went viral, being violently removed from the store. When she is outside she was held down by one gas station attendant while another struck her repeated with an object. The gas station attendants were all males. And it doesn’t appear any arrests have been made. Not to mention someone was standing by recording which is great as evidence but this young lady obviously needed help.

If anyone knows anything please report this incident and say something.

See the video below. [Warning this video is graphic in nature]

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