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A weapons charge has been filed against a local high school senior for bringing a tactical rifle along with a full magazine of ammunition into a school.

East Tech 18-year-old senior Jamar Hunter was arrested for bringing an AR-15 rifle into the building. It was found during one of the school’s standard search checkpoints.

Hunter told school officials that he had forgotten the weapon was in his backpack, and that it was only there because he had gone to a shooting range the weekend prior.

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This story was originally reported by FOX 8.

Via FOX 8

Now, court records show “an AR-15 was located in Hunter’s backpack and a full magazine was also located.”

A criminal complaint also says, “Hunter entered the school, avoided the metal detector, and attempted to exit the school.”

Cleveland police describe the AR-15 as a “tactical” weapon.

To read the full report by FOX 8, [click here].

It’s scary enough to fear for our kid’s safety based on what the world has shown us grownups can do to unlawfully get inside schools. It can be tough to digest the fact that students can be just as easily armed.

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