chris brown

Chris Brown is reaching out to his fans for help.  Apparently radio stations are not playing his music and he wants his fans to support him.

Chris Brown has to go before a judge today today to verify that his community service that he has been performing is indeed hard labor.

Chris Brown is still a public favorite only a year after his domestic altercation with Rihanna.

I’m hearing that Chris Brown “was all over” Keri Hilson at the Axe Lounge at Liv, where Diddy was hosting a bash and where Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush were celebrating the Saints’ Super Bowl win.

In a tremendously moving and articulate interview with 20/20, Rihanna gave her first full-length statements about her assault by Chris Brown in February. Describing the beating she suffered in a car with Brown, the singer said that when he beat her, “He had no soul in his eyes… It was almost like he had nothing […]