There is so many layers o being an artist.  In the case of a singer often times their pipes glorifies someone else’s penned words, then you have singer/song writers that write their passion then make you feel it.  Then you have the trifecta singer, the artist that can sing, write and play their own music. […]

A fan claimed that 36 year old Grammy award winning rapper, Drake, flewed, her out then kicked her out, now Drake is responding. A woman on TikTok went viral with a story about how Drake allegedly flew her out and had her sign a ‘NDA’ upon her arrival.  After some alleged cuddling and unprotected sex […]

What about your friends, will they stand their ground? Will they let you down?  Are they gonna be low down? Will they ever be around? Or will they turn their backs on you? If you are a fan of or familiar with the story of LeBron James then you know when it comes to LBJ […]

With Kanye West being formally known as, his new name Ye came with a new beginning as Ye and Drake having now officially publicly squashed their beef to mend fences in the name of The Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert that went down last night live in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum […]

All things can be done through Christ especially a rap beef that went way too long and nobody can remember what it was all about anyway, now Ye and Drake are reunited and it feel so good!! Last week Kanye and Drake squashed the beef this week Kanye West celebrated their reunification during Sunday Service.  The marketing genius […]


Summer just isn't summer without the right songs to keep the vibes goin'. Lucky for us, this Presidential Playlist is the perfect mix of sleeper hits, soulful tunes and Hip-Hop at its finest.

Destiny James started her college career off at the University of Miami in 2015, then in 2018 Destiny participated in a scene in a Drake video that has now revealed ‘God’s Plan’ for the very soon graduated to be a master at something she holds near to her heart Public Health in Health Behavior. In […]


Drake definitely loves his mama, and in honor of Mother’s Day Weekend, the rapper is spreading that love by putting a little something special in select orders from Uber Eats. If you’re in Canada and use the popular meal delivery app, you can score a set of candles from his Better World Fragrance House candle […]

When you are two of the hottest artist on the airwaves and you decide to team up to drop new music, you don’t need “No Guidance” to produce a hit.  And that’s exactly what Chris Brown and Drake did!! Chris Brown and Drake had been teasing folks a little with the notion that they were […]

With the NBA playoffs inching closer to the conference finals, the Toronto Raptors did their part to secure their destiny. In their trouncing of the Philadelphia 76ers, Drake sat on his home team’s sidelines taunting the losing squad mercilessly. TMZ Sports reports: Drake was sitting right on the court at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto as […]

They may have cut his mic off at the Grammy’s but at the Billboard Music Awards he is King, as the rapper, Drake, made history last night at the Billboard Music Awards 2019 show. Congratulations are definitely in order as it was announced towards the end of last nights Billboard Music Awards 2019 show that Drake has more […]

Apparently the Drake curse is alive and well. So much so a soccer club has put a mandate in place so they can continue to flourish. As spotted on HipHopDX A.S. Roma took the time out to jokingly protect themselves from floundering because of any potential future associations to the “In My Feelings” rapper. The caption […]