Jayland Walker

  Jayland Walker has been laid to rest, however the circumstances behind his death is still leaving unrest amongst is family and the community. A couple of weeks ago protest broke out in Downtown Akron, Ohio after body-cam videos were released showing Akron Police firing over 60 shots at Jayland Walker, whom the said they […]

Just minutes from Downtown Akron were protesters are protesting justice for Jayland Walker, 4 year old Journei Tolbert and 40 year old Johnny L. Gaiter lost their lives to gun violence.  Ironically it turns out that little Journei has a connection to Jayland Walker. According to police people were having a celebration of life in […]

There is still a curfew in Downtown Akron, Ohio, however the curfew downtown Akron didn’t deter the marathon for justice for Jayland Walker, protesters just made a detour to busy nightlife area shutting down traffic to businesses in the Highland Square area just west of Downtown Akron. The Highland Square district of west Akron is […]

The pandemic brought many wrongs done in the dark to light.  The no knock warrant killing of Breonna Taylor by police in Louisville, KY and the police shooting of Jacob Blake Jr. in the back four times and the side three times leaving him seriously injured in Kenosha, Wisconsins all on the heals of the murder […]

Early Monday morning police officers fired 90 shots at 25 year old Jayland Walker killing him in an attempted traffic violation stop.  On Thursday protestors went to the Akron Police station demanding answers as to what happened, then Jayland Walkers family gave a press conference demanding answers to happened to their family member that didn’t […]

For the first time since the pandemic started The City of Akron was going to return to their normal downtown Fourth of July celebration this year but the dark cloud of a police shooting stifled it. Early Monday morning police officers fired 90 shots at 25 year old Jayland Walker killing him.  On Thursday protestors […]

Monday morning, according to Akron police, officers initially tried to pull over a 25 year old Jayland Walker, for a traffic violation near Thayer Street and East Tallmadge Avenue in Akron.  When Jayland Walker refused to stop Akron Police proceeded to chase him onto Route 8.  According to Akron Police Walker discharged a gun from […]