What is Timbaland’s dream?  To do a collaboration with the late great Biggie Small’s.  A dream that is going to come to fruition thanks to the latest technology hot topic, AI.

As the VERZUZ phenomenon continues to grow to larger than life proportions, other than the Instagram Live battles themselves, the hotest topic amongst fans is who’s got next and if that battle hasn’t/doesn’t come to be who would be the winner is they did? Coming soon off the VERZUZ bucket list will be Earth, Wind […]

We have learned that we can still be entertained while we continue to Shelter In from the COVID-19 pandemic by way of Instagram Live. It started with Timbaland and Swizz Beatz  doing a battle challenge, now it’s evolved into Verzuz.  Verzuz then gave us the Teddy Riley vs. Babyface, which because of the initial hiccup […]

Folk’s are still talking about the Teddy Riley Vs. Babyface challenge that went down on Instagram Live, it my have taken a do over, to get it right but when they did, they took over 41k viewers back way back. Since then, people have been having fun on social media posting who they would like […]

Last night was social distancing at it’s finest!! After a little bit of a virtual fiasco over the weekend for the highly anticipated, Swizz Beatz & Timbaland Present Verzuz: Babyface vs Teddy Riley Instagram Live showdown that imploded in front of over 400K viewers, a DO OVER was in order, and the rematch went down as […]

The highly anticipated IG Live battle, Teddy Riley Vs. Babyface went down this past weekend. The entertainment world has been doing a phenomenal job giving fans things to look forward to while we shelter in because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of the coronavirus the one showdown we have been waiting for after much […]

Ladies what would you do if you showed up at your new BFF house and singer Ginuwine was sitting in the house at the kitchen table!?  Would you start singing ‘….Ride it My Pony’ or ‘My Whole Life Has Changed’ 🎶 Ginuwine had the answer to that question before hitting the stage at the 90’s […]

Timbaland has announced that he will step down from his role as supervising music producer on Fox’s “Empire,” reports Billboard. Taking his spot for season 3 will be four-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Rodney Jerkins as supervising music producer and chart-topping songwriter Ester Dean. “We were happy to work with Timbaland during the first two seasons,” […]

By BridgetEE The key to success in life, is the maturations that you endure and how you produce through them. The first time we heard the sounds of Timbaland was when we heard the colaborations of Hip Hop’s up and coming at the time, Missy Elliott and the Princess of R&B Aaliyah, with the dance […]

The long-standing lawsuit for the sample clearance of Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin” is moving forward now that a trial date has been set for Oct. 13. And according to court documents, Jay Z and producer Timbaland will both be called to testify. As The Holywood Reporter notes, this isn’t a typical case of a producer […]

By BridgetEE BlogHouse  <img class=” wp-image-4064378 aligncenter” src=”https://globalgrind.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2015/02/14248974266855.jpg?w=663&h=903″ alt=”Empire TV Show” width=”663″ height=”903″ /> With season two of the hit Starz drama series Power coming to a close, and the dawning of season two of FOX’s Empire on the horizon, let’s break down whether these shows are really the same and who really is the best. […]

Solange’s Adorable Mother/Son Dance Solange’s wonderful white wedding will go down in history as one of the most fabulous ceremonies of all time. From the…