Do you want a ring, ladies? Well you may want to avoid playing wifey just yet.

1. Some ladies think that acting like a wife will automatically persuade the guy to put the ring on their finger. That is faulty thinking and could lead you into big emotional problems.

2. You are dating him, that doesn’t give him the right to demand wife duties from you. Dating and marriage are totally different things. Even if he is engaged to you, that doesn’t give him the right to demand wife duties from you.

3. Some men demand that you cook for them, organize their apartment and give them sex to prove that you are good wife material. Don’t fall for that. Any man who tells you that wants to simply use you.

4.DON’T move in with him because that will automatically make you his ‘in-house-mistress’ who will perform all his wife duties for him without the commitment of marriage.

5. You don’t have to submit to him until he puts that ring on your finger. Some men demand that you should submit to them because you are dating. If he wants you to submit to him when you are not dating, just think of what he would do to you if you are married to him.

6. Don’t give him your money unless you are sure that you will get it back. If you give him your money because he is a ‘potential husband’, you can kiss that money goodbye because you may never see it again.

7. Stop giving him your body whenever wherever. Anytime he wants sex, he calls you up, yet he hasn’t put the ring on your finger. Giving him sex is counter productive. Your objective is to get married to him, not to warm his bed. Pretending to be his wife by giving him sex will not make him put that ring on your finger.

8. It is not complex: if he wants you to perform wife duties for him like cooking, organizing his life, sex and all other wife duties, tell him to take you to his family and organize a marriage. Stop being foolish. If he really loves you as he whispers in your ears, he should take you to the marriage registry.

9. If he gets all the wife duties from you for free, why on earth do you think that he will make you his wife? If he is not ready to make a life commitment to you, he doesn’t deserve any wife benefits.

10. Protect yourself from emotional and sexual abuse. Stop giving this man what he doesn’t deserve. If he is not willing to honor you by putting that ring on your finger, then he is not worthy to receive wife benefits from you. When you become his wife, then he will get treated like a husband.

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