It seems like some men are blessed with magic fingers, tongues, and penises that help women have earth-shaking orgasms. Then there are the ones who don’t have any of that but are determined to learn what you like and get you there anyway (they are major keepers, FYI). But can a guy’s personality traits somehow influence your orgasms and take them to a whole other level? Maybe, according to science. Men who are attractive, funny, confident, and rich might give women stronger orgasms, says new research in the journal Evolutionary Psychology.

The research team at the University of Albany surveyed heterosexual female college students who were in committed relationships. They also analyzed things like their partners’ family income, physical measurements, looks, and personality characteristics. They found that there was an association between the likelihood of a woman orgasming from intercourse and her partner’s income, his confidence, and his level of objective attractiveness (rated by her friends for a less biased opinion). Interestingly, the men’s humor predicted both their confidence and family income, along with how likely women were to start a sex session, how often they did the deed, and the women’s orgasm frequency in relation to other sexual partners.

The frequency and intensity of the orgasms were very closely connected, although orgasm intensity was a bit better at predicting how sexually satisfied a woman was than orgasm frequency. The intensity of the women’s orgasms was linked to how often they had sex, how satisfied they were with it, and how attracted they were to their partners.

Study authors “also identified an ensemble of psychological traits (motivation, intelligence, focus, and determination) that predicted how often women initiated sexual intercourse,” says the abstract. The study’s findings back up the mate selection theory, which posits that women’s orgasms may give them feedback about who they’re deciding to couple up with.

You gotta love when science backs up what you already want to do in real life. You now have full permission to seek out the cream of the crop when it comes to guys, because every woman should be having romance-novel-esque orgasms on the reg.

via Glamour