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Will Smith has enjoyed an amazing career in the entertainment industry. He’s starred in blockbuster films. He had an amazing run on network television. But for whatever reason, lately, he seemingly keeps finding himself on the wrong end of social media bafoonery.

In the past couple of years, Will has publicly embraced his issues with weight gain. He’s endured sheer social media savageness by way of the ‘entanglement’ issue that sparked up with his wife Jada Pinkett in 2020. And he keeps, for whatever reason, promoting terrible movie after terrible movie.

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Ok, that last part was unnecessary. And maybe even unfair.

But after what Will Smith did to Chris Rock at tonight’s Academy Awards, I don’t think he’ll have to worry about his internet street cred for too much longer.

After Chris Rock made a couple of terrible jokes about Jada Pinkett’s alopecia, Will Smith did what any badass would do when their wife is being publicly humiliated.

He slapped the dog sh*t out of the offender. Seriously.

Check it out.

After the melee Smith shouts at Rock, “Keep my wife’s name out your f*ckin mouth!”. Chris agreed, and I think it’s safe to say that he won’t make that mistake again.

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