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A 79-year-old man in Dover, Ohio has been sentenced for shooting and killing a bird. But there’s a catch.

The bird that was killed by David B. Huff was a bald eagle. Bald and golden eagles have been prohibited from being shot at or killed since 1940, as a result of the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

Huff, who owns farmland in Dover, was inspecting his property for pests in October 2021. After shooting the eagle he discarded it on a bordering tree line.

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Huff has now been ordered by a judge to a full year of federal probation, a $4000 fine, and a 5-year hunting ban. He’s also been ordered to have the weapon and ammunition seized because of this incident to be destroyed.

All this over a bird?

Via FOX 8…

As part of his guilty plea terms over the summer, Huff had already agreed to pay $20,000 in restitution and fines, along with refraining from hunting for five years.

However, U.S. Magistrate Judge Carmen E. Henderson lessened the amount of money in Monday’s sentence.

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Hey, I get it. Certain animals should be protected. But where does the fine money go? To the dead bird’s family? Seems a little odd to me, but there are rules for a reason and no one should be above the law!

Hopefully, Huff has learned his lesson!

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