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The city of Cleveland and surrounding areas was pumped when they heard they won the bid to be the hosting city for this years NBA All-Star Game. NBA All-Star Game weekend was a wray of light to the restaurants and bars downtown Cleveland and surrounding area that have been struggling in darkness since the pandemic. […]

The world was already in shock in the year of 2020 when we had to hunker down because of the COVID-19 pandemic when a horrific chain of events made news world wide leading to protests all over the world in the midst of a pandemic.   National news was made in May of 2020 when a […]

On Sunday 25 year old Defensive End Myles Garrett made into the Cleveland Browns record books with less than a minute to play in the first half of Cleveland’s Week 14 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, the veteran pass rusher was able to get to quarterback Tyler Huntley and record his 15th sack of the season breaking […]

This is the day when you can sing ♫ Hot in, so hot in herre !!  ♫ or say things like it’s hotter than fish grease out here !!  But what ever your favorite temperature analogy is today is the day to use it as well as, make sure our elderly stay inside and for […]

As we enter into the Memorial Day weekend and the Governor has started to slowly open up Ohio it’s important that we move forward with a new normal and remember that the COVID-19 pandemic is still real and not a fictional thing that we watch on the news. Unfortunately that reality is being reported as […]

Last night because of the COVID-19 pandemic Northeast Ohioan’s may have went to bed, doing our new normal of binge watching Netflix in the middle of the week, but this morning we woke up: ♫ Alla mattina appena alzata, o bella ciao bella ciao bella ciao, ciao, ciao ♫ The Italian version Bella Ciao might […]

This is what community is all about.  In the words of Frankie Beverly #WeAreONE, in the fight against the COVID-19 that doesn’t have a color, age or creed that it’s attacking nor does our soldiers that are fighting against it. The Tide Loads of Hope program by Tide Cleaners is providing free laundry and dry […]

Behind every big Teddy Bear is a Loving Momma Bear, as it is with great sadness that prayers are in order as it is being reported that the mother of the late legendary Gerald Levert and his brother Sean, Martha Levert, has passed away.  The news of Martha Levert, affectionately known as Momma Levert, passing […]

Last weeks tragic news of Olympic gymnast, Simone Biles, brother, 24 year Tevin Biles-Thomas, being arrested in Georgia for a triple murder that happened in Cleveland, Ohio on News Years Eve sent the internet in a frizzy as Simone Biles fans felt that it was cheap to include her name in the story.  Others felt that […]

It’s being reported that a 34 year old Cleveland police officer, Soloman Nhiwatiwa, tried to pickup a 12 year old girl waiting at a bus stop. When the girl girl wouldn’t get in the car he left only to return pull out his Johnson then proceeded to urinate on the young girl. And he did all […]

LAKEWOOD, Ohio– The city of Lakewood is seriously stressed out! The Cleveland suburb is the most stressed in the state of Ohio, according to a study done by the career website Zippia. Zippia based the list on unemployment, hours worked, commute times, populations density, home price to income ratio and percent of the population is […]

CLEVELAND– The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in the early stages of an expansion. The museum leased the property between the Rock Hall and Great Lakes Science Center, which would allow for a 50,000 square-foot addition. “We are eager to continue our momentum and position ourselves for future opportunities. We’re always looking for […]