In order for change to come, ownership and transparency must be brought forth.  We are all one, we all are people, people that when we are hurt we are looking to be healed, loved and understood.  We want other people to see us, feel us and not treat us like our tears or our broken […]

After seeing its Downtown Cleveland location vandalized during the George Floyd demolition-turned-riot on May 30, a beloved locally-based supermarket is not taking any chances at an additional store. Heinen’s has decided to close another one of its locations, this time in Chagrin Falls, only for a short time just out of caution while protests are […]

Protests have sparked up all over the country in the aftermath of a Minneapolis police officer holding down George Floyd with his knee in his neck which resulted in George Floyd taking his last breath begging for his life on a city street in broad daylight with witnesses pleading for his life as well to […]

A viral video of a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the neck of 46 year old George Floyd causing his death has set social media on fire and although the officers involved in the arrest have been terminated the outcry for charges to be brought up on the officers has set Minneapolis on fire literally, […]

As the Minneapolis riots continue to energize after watching George Floyd die on a viral video at the knee of a police officer as George Floyd as well as witnesses begged the officer to stop, as George Floyd asked for his mother, as George Floyd was being compliant his body was shutting down on a […]

In a shocking video that went viral a Minneapolis police officer was arresting a man when the officer is scene kneeling on the mans neck in front of witnesses, with the man telling them that he couldn’t breath. Witnesses that posted the horrifying scene on social media.  The man originally was reported to have died […]

A viral video has sent the world in an uproar, as Minneapolis police officers were fired after they were recorded, with witnesses pleading for them to stop, kneeling on a mans neck who ended up dying.  The polices officers were fired behind the video backlash and even after the firing protesters took to the streets in anger […]