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This morning two men who were accused and charged with cheating in a Lake Erie walleye fishing tournament plead guilty, according to FOX 8. They were indicted back in October.

Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky were found stuffing weights into the mouths of fish they pulled out from Lake Erie, giving the appearance that the animals were heavier than they appeared to be. Runyan is from Ashtabula, while Comkinsky is from Hermitage, Pennsylvania.

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From FOX 8:

A tournament judge, however, noticed the fish caught by Runyan and Cominsky weighed more than they would have appeared. The judge sliced the fish open and inside were multiple weights, between 8 to 12 ounces, and several walleye filets. The pair was disqualified and told to leave the tournament.

To read the full report from FOX 8, [click here].

The pair are to be sentenced on May 11. They both pleaded guilty to a felony count of cheating, while all other charges, except for the misdemeanor animal ownership violation, were dropped.

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