Ashanti stopped by Hot 107.9 in Philly yesterday and chopped it up with Q Deezy about what she has been doing behind the scenes and the message behind her latest single ‘The Woman You Love.’ When asked about her relationship with her long time on again-off again boo Nelly she dodged the question with a bunch […]

Ashanti is slated to release a new album soon; that makes it the former Murder, Inc. princess’ fifth EP since she debuted in 2002. She teased a sneak peek at her new material with her latest single, “The Woman You Love” featuring Busta Rhymes (hear it below) and the track reminds us of everything we […]

Ahead of the release of her new single ‘No Good‘, Ashanti treated fans to a sneak peek of what they can expect from her voice by joining forces with legendary producer David Foster onstage to put her lungs to the ultimate test. In honor of R&B legend Whitney Houston Ms. Douglas covered the songs “I […]

Ashanti is back on the music scene with a new love ballad “Never Too Far Away,” gorgeous new promo pics and new spirit! Ashanti has her own record label now-Written Entertainment and is in the studio with LT Hutton, Dr. Dre, Game, Theron Feemster bka Neff-U, The-Dream,Cool & Dre, Warryn Campbell, Carvin & Ivan, Common, Darkchild and Tank currently working on her fifth album! Do we […]

When it comes to dating, finding a man is the easy part, but getting him to commit and putting a ring on it not so much.  There are a lot of women who have been in relationships with the same person for years and while their significant others may be happy with the way things […]

Since releasing her video for “Man Down,” Rihanna has been at the center of a firestorm. Conservative groups are up in arms because of the visuals plot featuring rape and murder. Rihanna gets raped in the Anthony Mandler directed video and winds up killing her attacker. What’s crazy about all of this is most of […]

Songs For And About Momma…”Mother” By Ashanti VIDEO When she was six, Ashanti sang in a gospel choir, but her mother discovered her full singing potential when she overheard Ashanti singing Mary J. Blige’s “Reminisce” to her at age twelve. By the time Ashanti hit puberty, her mother was sending out demo tapes of her […]

Mothers Day is right around the corner and our sister site believe mothers should be honored everyday, not just 1 day out of 365 days in a year. Here are 10 songs that can help you tell mom just how you feel or just how much you love her. 10. Skillz “You Only Get […]

Take a look at our favorite celebrity couples that are, that were, that can’t seem to decide between make-up and break-up, and even those that keep the entire thing under wraps. Diddy and Cassie Rumors about Sean “Diddy” Combs being romantically linked to singer Cassie Ventura circulated for years. Neither Cassie nor Diddy have confirmed […]

This past weekend, Nelly and Ashanti performed together on stage at Nelly’s 5th Annual Ball in St. Louis. Well, Ashanti (dressed in a skintight catsuit) sang, and Nelly simply played the role of her boytoy. Their chemistry and couple status (no matter how much they deny it) was on full display as Ashanti pranced around, […]

Love Analytix: Why Is My Relationship Complicated? By Shirea L. Carroll on Oct 29th 2010 1:00PM Filed under: Celebrity Love, Dating, Relationships, Love Analytix Comments (0) Email This Rihanna and Matt Kemp. Ashanti and Nelly. Even Beyonce and Jay-z. Celebrities have become notorious at adamantly denying their romantic relationships, but are still able to vacation […]

The Claim Game: A Man Won’t Claim a Woman He Doesn’t Want by Anslem Samuel Posted Oct 12th 2010 11:15AM There’s a big difference between actually being in a relationship and just thinking you’re in one. If there’s any confusion as to which one you’re in, chances are you’re experiencing the latter. But the real […]