You every had a situation when you are doing something good for someone else but it turns around and bites you in the butt?  Well imagine trying to please your man, giving into his fantasy, and getting caught now you end up with the gift that keeps on giving, however you don’t know who all […]

There has always been an unwritten rule, or shall we say it’s never a good idea, to get involved in your friends, especially when it come to someone cheating on your friend.  Don’t lie when the truth will do, 9 times out of 10 when you tell your friend their significant other is cheating on […]

There is not a such thing as a perfect relationship, but what happens when you make a mistake and your mate won’t forgive nor let it go plus they won’t leave the relationship? A young lady reached out to  Sam Sylk, radio host and author, and Bijou Star co-host of The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou […]

Sometimes in life we find that some relationships work better as friends opposed to being husband and wife.  Unfortunately for some they figure that out after they have walked down the aisle.  But what happens when the marriage doesn’t work out but your friendship does however it’s too pain full for you to continue on […]

You have the perfect family, the man of your dreams, your blended family is loving seamlessly however every time you bring up marriage the man of your dreams switches the channel.  What do you do? A loyal listener of WZAK is having this very problem.  Instead of her reading a book or leaving it up […]

Having his baby is cool when you are together, but happens when the relationship is over and the support arrangements you made outside of the courts went out with your relationship? A new mother that doesn’t really want to put her baby daddy on child support because she moved on but he is using the […]

Is it them or is it me but do sometimes people get into relationships because that is the thing we are taught to do?  Doesn’t seem like people married and divorced quicker than they got married?  Is marriage about love, social status or a fad? A man reached out to get some advice from Sam […]

NeYo had a hit song that said ♫ that’s why I love you Miss Independent ♫, well everybody loved the song but men in real life really don’t want Miss Independent, so what happens if that’s all you really know?  How do you loose your independence without loosing yourself and when is the right time […]

We all would like to think that we are mature enough that when we cut relationship ties we can all just move on quietly.  But would you be mature enough if your ex brought your kids over to your parents house for the holiday plus brought their new boo with them?  If you were the […]

If you wanted to go to church for the NYE holiday is okay that your husband goes out to party without you?  If you’re okay with that question, how do you feel about your husband going out, getting to drunk to drive and opting to check into a hotel?  If that’s cool with you, how […]

You ever been in a relationship that makes you feel like you joined the military and went to war?  Well what happens when your solider in combat that you wanted to leave behind in the war has come home to give you P.S.T.D? A woman is having a terrible time being a good mother, trying […]

Every woman want’s to do everything she can to please her man, but what happens to when you do that thing he wanted you to do to please him is now wrecking your marriage? A man wanted he and his wife to become swingers and now the swing is hitting the wife in the back […]